About the Teams!

This is MEHS Robotics' forth year of competing at VEX Robotics competitions. We have had much success in the past and we wish have have another great year.

High School Vex Coach - Mr. Stahl

Email- dstahl1@isd77.k12.mn.us

Middle School Vex Coach - Mr. Shores

Email- mshore1@isd77.k12.mn.us

Assistant Coaches - Michele Machado and

Web Design Mentors - Jordan Pasker and Sarah Machado

Mankato East Robotics 2016-17

9457A MEHS Robotics

This was our fourth year of competing in robotics competitions. Our first year, the 2013-2014 season, ended with us placing in the top ten teams in Minnesota for the game “Toss Up.” In the 2014-2015 season, our skills and experience took us to the next level. We placed first in a state competition for the “Skyrise” game. This earned us a spot to compete in Louisville, Kentucky for the VEX Worlds competition. In Worlds we made it the the quarterfinals in the Engineering division. This placed us in the top 1% of teams in the world for the “Skyrise” game. Last year we were Minnesota State Champions for the “Nothing But Net” game which earned us a trip to Worlds for the second time! We did well at Worlds last year and we hope to make it for a third time this year for the new game "Starstruck"!

Tessa Machado, Samuel Mansfield, MacKenzie Gleason, Alexander Berg, Nicholas Thielsen, Zach Stanley, Tonya Durman, Paul Andreszuk

9457Z MEHS Inverted

Last year was the debut for us! We had a great year competing and earned our way to the Minnesota State Robotics competition for last year's game "Nothing but Net". For our second year we wish to make our mark with "Starstruck" and make it to Worlds.

Grant Lindman, Matt Peterson, Brady Budge, Mitch Drummer, Cullen Bednarchuk, Noah Schroeder, Jack Ternes, Adam Alganim, Chris Lencowski, Justin Hoeper

9457B Betaversion 1.0

Leif Stout, Amber Marrs, Dylan Moore, Michael Nguyen, Ryan Swanson, Jayden Siegle, Cole Himmer, Alex Huynh, Kenny Yu

Images of Robot

9457Y Voltaic Tyranny

Anthony Mansfield, Aaton Cherny, Tyson Cheit, Luke Drummer, William Schwamberger, Michael Marthaler, Sophie Draper, Anthony Hernandez

Mankato East Robotics 2015-16


Josh Menzel 9457A 2013-14

Dani Gleason 9457A 2013-2016

Andrew Miller 9457A 2013-16

Andrew Miller

Jordan(JP) Pasker 9457A 2013-16

Chris Thielsen 9457A 2013-16

Kyle Ulrich 9457A 2013-16

Sarah 9457Z 2015-16

Alex 9457Z 2015-16

Nate 9457Z 2015-16