Worlds Live Stream

Stream begins at 8:00 a.m on Thursday, April 26th.

All stream times are in Central Standard Time.

Match Schedule

April 26th
Q-41 3:53 pm Red 666U & 3388X; Blue 9922Z & 9457B
Q-53 4:31 pm Red 99556A & 817A; Blue 9457B & 2777W
April 27th
Q-82 9:09 am Red 48778A & 9457B; Blue 1492X & 4318B
Q-118 11:55 pm Red 481A & 2616J; Blue 9457B & 288A
Q-130 12:31 pm Red 9457B & 2297A; Blue 321A & 12E
Q-166 2:19 pm Red 6210Z & 9457B; Blue 3264N & 4478V
Q-182 3:07 pm Red 2019B & 98725B; Blue 1588A & 9457B
April 28th
Q-201 7:58 am Red 9457B & 8000A; Blue 2941A & 23880B
Q-217 8:45 am Red 57418A & 51140A; Blue 7368W & 9457B

9457B VEX In The Zone Worlds Reveal 2018

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